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It has officially started! Our appointment with K 2019 — the World’s No.1 Trade Fair for the Plastics and Rubber Industry! This year turns out to be the one that we showcase the most exciting products for a long time!


This year’s theme is “Recycling,” and we are all-in for the environment! Being Clean, Clear and Carbon-Neutral is the name of the game today.

Dependable Solutions

Stop by our booth #B-43 in hall 13 and discover the right tools to solve your challenges. See for yourself how our innovative products and solutions provide a new perspective into your process.

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This year’s edition of K, we will be offering a way to pre-book your visit with our team utilizing an easy to use and online reservation tool. 

Machines on Display

At the Show

We will show-case 3 advanced injection moulding machines at the show.

  • JM328-MK6 with 2K unit
  • SM100-SPARK new-age all-electric
  • SM700-TP II advanced two-platen

These represent Chen Hsong’s strength and power in the injection moulding space!


Higher quality parts, more environmental friendly and lower costs.

High Speed Machine with Performance and Energy Saving

  • Stability & Precision
    Precision Hydraulic™
  • Performance & Energy Efficiency
    Gen 3 servo-hydraulic technology
  • Faster Setup
    Auto-Mold Height Adjustment

Machine Setup

On display a Jetmaster JM328-MK6 with a second 2K injection unit (IU200-MK6) in a horizontal “L” formation.

The IU200-MK6 injection unit is completely stand-alone unit and has independent hydraulic and software control. Both the JM328-MK6 machine and the IU200-MK6 injection unit have independent Beckhoff Xmold controllers.


Circular economy is currently the main future challenge for our industry. The use of recycled materials with sandwichmoulding technology is a highly desired solution.

The show machine will be producing a designer fruit bowl where recycled materials are used as inside filler.

K-show 2019 ChenHsong Injection Molding JM328-MK6-Product
  • Part:
    Food container with sandwitched recycled materials
  • Resin:
    SABIC PP PPA20 (High gloss) + Regrind PP
  • Weight: 600g
  • Mould Cavities: 1
  • Cycle Time: 70 seconds

CLEAN | The Spark

New Age All-Electric.

Redefining the Common All-Electric

  • 10x Faster Responses
    Agile Boost Control
  • Wide Application Window
  • Perfect Quality
    Auto Stress Release System
  • Silent & Smooth
    AxP with Floating-Point Toggle

This all-new series of all-electric injection moulding machines is a true paradigm changer.

It not only delivers higher part yields, better mold & machine protection, greater flexibility for a wide range of applications, and has 10x faster dynamic responses than similar models on the market.

The machine on display will be producing food-grade closures.

Integrates a proprietary ultra-high-response servo system with very-high-speed advanced computer controls, yielding no-compromise levels of responsiveness — from zero to 2000 rpm in less than 30 ms! That is ten times faster than traditional all-electric (300 ms) offers from China.

ALL-Adapt is a package of technologies that enables an all-electric injection moulding machine to gain a wide application window, from ultra-thin-walled moulding (such as high-speed packaging) to thick-walled, high-pressure parts (such as optics).

It is made possible by high-end algorithms running in a high-speed computer controller, using data obtained from high-speed digital transducers, allowing the machine to adapt dynamically to the actual moulding process, in real-time, and makes necessary adjustments within milliseconds.

A breakthrough technology, ASRS constantly monitors the state of the i­njection screw during the critical injection process and, acting in tandem with a patented stress release mechanism, makes optimized adjustments in real-time to minimize internal stress build-up in the plastic part, ensuring the highest, most stable, part quality for each cycle.

This is made possible only by highly advanced algorithms, fed high-precision real-time data from high­-end transducers, running on very high-speed CPU’s on the intelligent contr­oller.

AxP (Algorithm Cross-Protection) is based on high-end electronics, fine-tuned mechanical design and high-speed computer algorithms. It provides total protection to the mould during high-speed clamp closing by monitoring and adjusting, in real-time, the dynamical motions of the clamping ball-screw.

The Floating-Point Toggle design, on the other hand, adds back to the rigid ball-screw system a soft “buffer” that is inherent in a hydraulic system, eliminating mechanical shocks and vibrations and, thereby, reducing operating noise and ensuring buttery-smooth mechanical motions.

Both technologies work hand-in-hand together to provide world-class protection to the mould and the machine mechanisms, smooth operations, as well as long and extended machine life.

K-show 2019 ChenHsong Injection Molding SPARK-Product
  • Part: Closures for effervescent tablets
  • Resin: LDPE (Food grade)
  • Weight: 2.5g
  • Mould Cavities: 8
  • Cycle Time: 12 seconds

CLEAR | Two Platen II

High precision, rock-solid stability, and speed without any of the traditional compromises.

Non-Stop™ Technology from Japan

  • Incredible Speeds
    Up to 700 mm/s speed
  • Unique Flexibilty
    Freely mix 'n match a large number of clamping and injection units
  • High Efficientcy
    Gen 3 servosystem - silent and low energy consumption

Machine Setup

Since its launch, the Supermaster  TP series of advanced two-platen machines has always been our star product line, as well as one of the best sellers.

TP II is the next generation of the TP product line with numerous refinements and improvements throughout, in almost all subsystems.

The result? More reliability and stability. Higher speeds. Smoother motions. More intelligence. Better, generally.

The machine will be producing a clear-plastic thin-walled container box.


The machine will be producing a clear-plastic thin-walled container box.

K-show 2019 ChenHsong Injection Molding SM700-TP-ll-Product
  • Part: 50L container
  • Resin: SABIC PP QR673K
  • Weight: 1.4kg
  • Mould Cavities: 1
  • Cycle Time: 65 seconds

Serving the Industry
for 60 Years Since 1958

Chen Hsong was founded in 1958, over 60 years ago, in Hong Kong. It was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 1991. Presently Chen Hsong remains one of the largest injection moulding machine manufacturers in the world, serving over 100 locations in Greater China as well as over 85 countries throughout the world.

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