K2019 Chenhsong

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Mr. Corbey Chen Hsong Europe
Mr. Bexte Chen Hsong Germany
Mr. Wägemann Kunststofftechnik Wägemann - South Germany
Mr. Schumacher Plastic4U - North Germany
Aquila Service (2) Italy
Mr. Muñecas Dewit 2000 - Spain
Aron Chao Chen Hsong Turkey
Groupe LANDEAU (3) France
Mr. Scheers Hacoplast - Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg
Mr. Vidovic Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia
APM Denmark (3) Denmark, Sweden, Norway
P&F Wartacz (2) Poland
Mr. Smid Smid-a-Spol Czech Republic


Michael Wang Chen Hsong Taiwan
Aron Chao Chen Hsong Vietnam, Thailand
Vikas Nigam Chen Hsong India
Briana Hu Chen Hsong China
Ringo Au Chen Hsong South East Asia


Kenneth Kan Chen Hsong America
Luis Guerra Chen Hsong Brazil
Aron Chao Chen Hsong Mexico

Middle East and Africa

Khalid Malik Chen Hsong Middle East and Africa


Kenneth Kan Chen Hsong Australia